Covid 19 Situation in the Algarve

Covid 19 Situation in the Algarve

The Covid 19 pandemic remains a challenge, but Portugal has good reasons to smile. Fortunately our country has been one of the least affected in Europe.

The quick and effective action of the health authorities had great results. Portugal invested in mass testing, which has allowed us to detect and isolate positive cases early, with low community contagion.

Number of Cases

The first positive cases were recorded in March and since then we have remained below 35,000 cases and less than 1500 deaths

These numbers give us tranquility compared to other destinations. Portugal has been seen as a study case, for its performance in fighting the pandemic, having received the most diverse compliments from the scientific community.

This scenario is even more hopeful when we refer to the Algarve, which until now is one of the regions in the country with fewer cases. The first positive cases of Covid 19 in the Algarve emerged in March and since then the Algarve has accounted for less than 400 cases and just over 60 deaths. Our region is the one with the highest recovery rate among patients.

Covid Free Destination

All of these factors have contributed to the Algarve being seen as the ideal destination for a post-pandemic holiday and there are even those who speak of the Algarve as a “Covid Free” destination.

Clean and Safe

Proof of this are the airlines that have already started to resume their activity to Faro Airport and the good news is that mandatory quarantine is not required for those arriving in Portugal.

For those who arrive at Faro Airport and want to travel to Spain, it will be possible to cross the boarder after July 1st, the date when the land border between the two countries reopens.

The entire tourism industry in the region is prepared and committed to safely receiving all visitors. Hotels, restaurants and shopping centers are already open and with a “Clean and Safe” guarantee seal so that everyone feels safe.

With very extensive sands, our beaches are also considered safe areas for you to enjoy your family holidays, always keeping the proper safety distance.

Resume of implemented measures

In order to help you planning your trip in the most enlightening way possible, we have listed a set of procedures that are being adopted in various segments of tourist activity in the region:


  • Alcoholic solution for hands cleaning available
  • Use of facial mask is mandatory ( drivers and clients )
  • Front vehicle seats cannot be used by passengers
  • Vehicles are sanitized after each transfer
  • Drivers measure and record their temperature twice a day

Airport Health Measures

  • Mandatory quarantine will not be imposed on travelers arriving in Faro by air, meanwhile you’ll have to follow all the guidelines advised by de Portuguese HealthDepartment.
  • Everyone arriving by air are welcome to Portugal at the moment.
  • Reinforced Cleaning and Disifenction in all Airport Areas
  • Temperature Measure System
  • 2 Meters Social Distance
  • Use of face masks is mandatory

Flight Companies - Start Operation at Faro Airport ( Announced dates )

  • Edelweiss Air - From Zurich since May 28th
  • Luxair - Luxembourg from 31st May, 4 weekly frequencies
  • Transavia - Amsterdam – daily flights to Faro from June 4th
  • TUI Belgium - Brussels from 15th June
  • Spanish Volotea - Scheduled for June 14th and 15th to start Madrid and Lyon
  • Wizzair – 4 weekly frequencies from Luton from June 16th
  • EasyJet - Connection between Belfast (Northern Ireland) and Faro from June 16th
  • Eurowings - From Düsseldorf on June 20th, from Hamburg on June 24th and from Munich to Faro on July 3rd
  • Ryanair – From June 21st, 10 weekly frequencies from Dublin, Stansted, Manchester, Oporto and Brussels
  • Lufthansa - June, from Frankfurt
  • British Airways - July
  • Jet2 - 1st of July
Flight Companies - Start Operation at Faro Airport ( Announced dates )

Hotels and Local Accommodations

  • The hotel units and local accommodations have taken enhanced hygiene measures
  • Most of the touristic accommodation will resume activity, about one third of the units are already open and 75% will be open until the end of July.
  • These establishments are also identified with the "Clean and Safe" badge, which means that the measures implemented by the Portuguese General Directorate of Health are being complied.
Hotels and Local Accommodations


  • Free access with physical distance restrictions ( 3 meters between different families )
  • Maximum occupancy of 5 people per Sunshade / Sun Umbrella
  • Interdiction of ludic activities in sand área ( Beach footbal, Rackets, Disc throwing disc, etc… )
  • An alert system about the level of occupation of each beach will be available through the “Infopraia” App, allowing people to make a better decision when choosing the beach to go

Golf Courses

  • Most of the the golf courses are already open. Each course follows the recommended health guidelines as well as specific measures established by the Portuguese Golf Federation
Golf Courses


There are 2 procedure options for restaurants:

  • 50% capacity limit with a 2 meter social distance between tables
  • 100% capacity is allowed if distance of 1.5m is maintained with a waterproof physical barrier is placed between customers

Waterparks and Zoos

  • Theme/Water Parks and Zoo Parks are open to visitors who comply with the rules of social distance and who wear facial masks
  • Entrance tickets must be purchased in advance

Opening dates for the main Theme/Water Parks in the Algarve:

  • Zoomarine - 10th June
  • Aqualand - Closed ( Waiting for opening date )
  • Aquashow - Closed ( Waiting for opening date )
  • Slide and Splash - Closed ( Waiting for opening date )

Shopping Centers and Stores

  • Shopping Centers and Stores with more than 400m² in general are open
  • Restaurant areas are open
  • Use of Face Mask is mandatory
Shopping Centers and Stores

We hope that this information is useful for you in order to plan your holiday season in Portugal, if you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us

See you soon!